Premium Efficiency Standard Motor-IE3

Powerful Performance with Enduring Functionality

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High Efficiency Standard Electric Motor - IE3

Premium Efficiency Standard Motor-IE3

These are general standard motors designed for the industrial applications. These motors are asynchronous,and are used for general applications conforming to IS & IEC standards. used in many industrial applications such as textile, gearbox and machine tool applications . These motors are premium than IE2 motors due to their improved efficiency which comes with slight additional cost . The additional cost can be recovered within short span of time if the motors are continuous duty.

Product Specifications

Motor type IE3 Motor
Frame Size 63 to 250M
Power 0.18 to 55kw
Polarity 2, 4, 6 & 8 
Mounting B3, B5, B14 & combinations
Voltage 415V ±10% or as required
Frequency 50Hz ±5% or as required
Protection IP55 or superior on request 
Ambient 40ºC
Construction Full Aluminium or Alu body with CI enclosure or Full cast iron
Enclosure</td> TEFC
Ins Class Class F/ Class H insulation with temp rise limited to class B/Class F

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