Crane Duty Motors

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Crane Duty Brake Motor

Crane Duty Motors

These are duty type rated motors developing high starting torque with low starting current. The motors are suitable for frequent starts/ stops and reversals. Also rapid acceleration is achieved by high pull out torque / rotor inertia ratio. EMPD hoist duty motors are energy-efficient and perfect for heavy duty usage including cranes, lifts, weirs, sluices, auxiliary motors etc.

Product Specifications

Motor type Crane Duty Motors
Frame Size 63 to 160L
Power 0.18 to 15 kW
Polarity 2,4,6 & 8
Mounting B3, B5, B14 & combinations
Voltage 415V ±10% or as required(VVVF)
Frequency 50Hz ±5% or as required(VVVF)
Protection IP55 or higher on request
Ambient 40ºC
Construction Full Aluminium or Alu body with CI enclosure or Full cast iron
Enclosure TEFC
Ins Class Class F/ Class H insulation with temp rise limited to class B/Class F

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